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Sunset Dream Tree
This pendant necklace was inspired by a beautiful sunset in front of my home. The original pictur..
Ex Tax: £40.00
Paua Pool
This beautiful piece of polished paua ( abalone) shell is wrapped in silver plated wire & hun..
Ex Tax: £20.50
Chainmail Choker Necklace - Dragon Blood Droplet
This chainmail choker necklace has been created using bright aluminium jump rings & lovely de..
Ex Tax: £28.00
Amethyst Ambience
This 22 inch necklace has been handcrafted using a large 2cm approx tumblestone amethyst, wrapped..
Ex Tax: £25.50
Turquoise Crystal Earrings
This delightful pair of turquoise bead earrings have been handcrafted using 4mm blue glass crysta..
Ex Tax: £8.75
Green Glade
This necklace has been created using a freeform moss agate slice , which measures approximately 5..
Ex Tax: £21.00
Celtic Dragon Chainmail Tiara
This unique tiara has been carefully handcrafted in celtic or medieval fantasy style, using Europ..
Ex Tax: £65.00
Sea Crystal
This 16.5 inch necklace has been created with silver plated wire & blue glass crystal beads w..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Butterly Silver Garden Ivy Koehn Pendant Necklace
This necklace has been created using a focal polymer clay pendant by Ivy Koehn & working it w..
Ex Tax: £32.00
Blue Dazzle
This 1cm x 3 cm pendant was created by fusing dichroic & bullseye glass together & then w..
Ex Tax: £19.50
Bumble Bee Silver Necklace
This beautiful bumble bee necklace has been created using a focal glass pendant by JB Glass desig..
Ex Tax: £55.00
Rosy Red Bouquet
This 17.5 inch necklace has been created using a dozen red aluminium rose flowers attached to a h..
Ex Tax: £19.75
Chainmail Bracelet - Star Gazer
This 8 inch chainmail bracelet has been created using silver, pink, violet & purple enamelled..
Ex Tax: £18.50
Crimson Mountain Burgundy Butterfly Wire Pendant Necklace
This very rare Crimson Mountain Silver Butterfly has decided to hibernate in the warmth of Spiral..
Ex Tax: £28.00
Spiral Damson Sparkle
This 18 inch necklace has been created using silver plated wire with purple 4mm swarovski crystal..
Ex Tax: £32.50
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